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Lip Art by Makeup Artist Laura Jenkinson

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"As far as what it is about them that makes them one of my otps…the fact that their relationship is real, their love is real, their need for each other is real. Despite everything, it was always real, and that realness transcends even the most dire of circumstances, and the most withheld declaration of that romance, that dependency, and Peeta’s hijacking. They end up together in the end because it was real. Real love doesn’t just fade away when things get hard. Real love stays around long after the sparks are gone. And that’s what Everlark is, that’s what they become, because it was always real, and because it started with Katniss’ first desire to protect Peeta, though unacknowledged … it was real, from the very beginning. That’s why I ship Everlark. Because their love story is worth it all, worth every arena, every threat from Snow, hijacking, depression, you name it, they overcame it. And endgame. They’re endgame."

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I used to decorate the cakes at the bakery…

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Talk about unthinkable. You and me, I mean.

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"'Real or not real?' isn't included in the Mockingjay movies"

One sentence horror story (via mypatronusisrorypond)

That’s not even funny.  I would cry for the rest of my life.

wtf!! IS this real?

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love triangle….


There’s been a lot of talk regarding the “love triangle” found in the books and how it’s going to be portrayed in Mockingjay. All stemming from the quote FLaw stated about the relationships in MJ:

But one thing thing that won’t change? That’d be the love triangle between Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), Gale (Liam Hemsworth), and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson).

“With Mockingjay – Part I it’s tricky because Peeta is out of reach for her,” notes the director. “Obviously he becomes an objective for her, but Gale is right there, so that’s always a tricky situation.”


Of course people flip out at the use of the phrase “love triangle” because it’s a gimmick that’s used to propagate interest in the movies, but also because no Everlarked person wants to see the non-canon use of Everthorne in MJ.

We can’t deny that there is a relationship between the three of them with Katniss in the center, but the difference between canon and how the movies portray it is that Katniss doesn’t reciprocate her feelings for Gale. 

Now this is where people would argue that—especially with that noncanon kiss in CF before the Reaping. But if one looks at the text regarding Katniss’s perception of Gale, she in no way ever states that she’s attracted to Gale. She says he’s good-looking, that other girls want him, but she herself never says that. She doesn’t ever long for him or ogle him in any way. 

If we’re saying that Katniss “likes” Gale or even is attracted to him, we would see that she would use the same language that she uses for Peeta where she constantly describes him, notices the way his hands move or his eyelashes in the sunlight. How she always admires his character.

Her feelings for Gale are out of loyalty, a past spent together, a familiarity and almost an obligation to the friendship they’ve had. She doesn’t see a future with him to the point where he kisses her and her  reaction is to tell him that she doesn’t want a boyfriend or plan on getting married. (CF, ch2)

All that to say, in the book and the movie, there is a “love triangle” in the sense there are two people liking the same person, but not where the “same person” reciprocates to both of them. Katniss isn’t attracted to Gale—at all. It’s more like a love circle with a ray. A circle because K&P (point T) reciprocate and Gale (line l) has affection that isn’t returned. (Yes, I heart math.)


Will it be portrayed like that in the movies? Probably not. That non-canon kissed spoke volumes to non-readers. My hope is that they’ll clearly show Katniss wanting Peeta, longing for him, but that Gale is a comfort for her that she doesn’t necessarily want. I also hope that they start to show that volatile side of their relationship, balancing out the extra Everthorne we may get. 

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Jennifer Lawrence in “The Absent Minded Actress”

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Team Arrow Sassy

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Transitions (Season two)

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Castle Premiere Spoilers 7x01

oh I poor Kate Alexis and Martha. I’m sure it will be months before they hear anything :(

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❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ 6 MONDAYS TO GO




I love how we all know what this means

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